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Galaxy Drive

Newport Beach, California

Galaxy Drive is a mid-century home located in the Back Bay of Newport Beach, and it overlooks the pristine conservation area consisting of tranquil waters and snow-capped mountains. Constructed in 1974, the property underwent renovations for the first time in 2021, and this major overhaul concluded in January 2023. The home has been updated to include modern amenities, and address the homeowners’ needs for sustainable, multigenerational living.

The house features clean lines, an open floor plan, and large sliding doors that allow for ample natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding area. The property also includes a private pool and outdoor living spaces, perfect for California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Owing to the state’s drought susceptibility, Galaxy Drive was designed with sensitivity to the environment, and aligns with the client’s eclectic personality, all the while retaining its mid-century heritage.

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1950 Galaxy Drive
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